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Our enterprise that is a professional manufacturer of biodegradable cornstarch disposable food container own 30, 000 spare meter acreage. And its 95% of products export to oversea market. Establishing factory from 2000 year till now, we pay most attention on our researching and organizing enterprise technical team to self-renovation & overcoming technical difficulties, which make our high technology contents and technological level always keep the leading position in this field at home and abroad. The environment management system of our enterprise meets the standards of ISO14000, and the quality management system meets the standards of ISO9001 (2000). Moreover, the products have been tested in Taiwan Plastics Industry and Technology Development Center on hardiness (placed in the envir

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  • 趣味疯狂斗牛攻略下载Manufacturing
  • 欢乐斗牛疯狂捕鱼攻略Americas, Europe, Middle East
  • 疯狂斗牛攻略下载2000
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